EECS Breakfast / Lunch / Tea Break menu (Updated on 9/12/2018)

 Breakfast : Bread and mineral water

 Lunch : Honey chicken rice
 Tea break : Egg sandwich and mineral water


Event Information

Event:   Electrical Engineering Capstone Showcase 2018 (EECS2018)
Date:    10 December 2018 (Monday)
Time:    8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Venue:  Building T02, FBME (Layout is provided at Download page)

- On 9 December 2018 (Sun) 2pm, at least 1 representative from each group needs to be at T02 to setup their booth. Photo frame holder and name tags will be hand over. Those group without representative will be penalized. After the event on 10 December 2018 (Monday), the students need to clear the venue.
- There is walk-in interview session. Do prepare the CV if interested.
- Do complete EOC survey at Download page.
- Do complete the form FKE-4722-2018-07 Final product evaluation in white (x2 or more) and pink (x1 or more).
- A3 color poster. Extra 10 copies (A4) as leaflet.

Conceptual Prototype Presentation (Updated on 8/10/2018)

1. Conceptual prototype presentation will be held on 8 October 2018 (Week 5). The evaluation criteria are as the stated in this linkFormat for presentation method may be varied from one department to another but the evaluation criteria remain the same.

2.Please refer to the following respective department for details: